Facebook 改變第三方應用政策,為媒體應用舖路?

如果大家有在用 Flipboard 的話,也許你前一陣子就已經發現到這個情況,就是 Facebook 已於 3 月 24 日改變其對各類型第三方應用的輸出內容,從原來的 Newsfeed 內容統一更改成「僅顯示」 Fans Page(粉絲專頁)內容。



Facebook 內容長遠將離開 Flipboard

雖然沒有完全禁止第三方應用取用內容,但這舉動無疑是把第三方應用的 Facebook 內容弱化,讓讀者從原來的第三方應用上,被迫回到 Facebook 的懷抱中。

受有關政策影響,Flipboard 用戶一旦刪除了有關 Facebook 方塊,也將不能重新加入 Facebook 方塊,也就是説僅餘在 Flipboard 上觀看 Facebook Fans Page 內容的功能也會消失,達致 Facebook 內容在未來一段時間後完全撤離 Flipboard 的目標。


單向,從 Flipboard 到 Facebook

當然,Flipboard 仍然提供 Facebook Connect 的登入功能與分享功能,讓讀者把 Flipboard 上看到的各種內容分享至 Facebook 平台,對於不在 Flipboard 上閱讀 Facebook 訊息的讀者並沒有影響。

Flipboard 與 Facebook 的關係隨著 Facebook 更改政策將由過去的雙向,更改成 Flipboard 單向至 Facebook。此舉雖不會嚴重影響到 Flipboard 的運作(Flipboard 表示僅 2% 用戶在其平台上閱讀 Facebook 內容),卻代表著未來在聯繫 Facebook 訊息上的差異,並再次提醒大家 Facebook 想要雄霸資訊的野心。


Facebook Paper 會邁向國際化?

如果大家記得的話,Facebook 去年已經推出了類似 Flipboard 的 Facebook Paper,提供新聞資訊等服務,並與 Facebook 有高度連繫,唯暫時仍然沒有在美國以外的地區推出服務,並僅限 iOS 用戶使用。

Facebook 這次改變政策是否意味著未來將要把 Facebook Paper 進一步邁向國際呢?如果我們把早前 NY Times 透露出來的消息(為新社群媒體鋪路?Facebook 打算與媒體網站合作直接提供新聞內容)與之配合,也許更能夠明白 Facebook 想要染指新聞資訊的決心,但到底是要使用 Facebook Paper 或全新的新聞資訊 Apps 則有待確認。

不管 Facebook 使用什麼樣的工具,其作為全球最大的 Social Media 霸主,在弱化 Fans Page 觸及率(媒體均使用此服務)後,想要與媒體合作從中取利,賺取更大利益是可以想像的事情。作為媒體即使仍未能使用 Facebook Paper 的功能,也要留意有關的變動,特別是 Facebook 若真的與部份媒體機構合作,餘下未合作的媒體在 Fans Page 觸及率上無可否認會出現影響。



以下是 Flipboard 發表全文:

Facebook announced changes to the content they’re willing to share with third parties, including Flipboard. We want to give you a head’s up about what this means for you. Here’s what you need to know:

If you are among the two percent of readers who views Facebook on Flipboard, we regret to tell you that your experience will change on March 24. Unfortunately, Facebook is limiting which content shows up in your Facebook section on Flipboard. Posts from friends and your own account will no longer be included in the newsfeed. To replace the current newsfeed, Facebook is making a feed available with updates from the public pages you follow, such as artists, sports teams, TV shows, brands and other pages.

After March 24, this new feed is what you’ll see when you tap on your Facebook tile on Flipboard, as long as your accounts are connected on that day. To ensure you can access Facebook after that date on any device, create a Flipboard account (if you don’t already have one). Having a Flipboard account means that you can always access your content and social networks from different devices—for example, if you get a new phone or you want to access your Flipboard from the Web or a shared device.

After March 24, you can no longer add Facebook to your Flipboard. Also note that if you remove your Facebook tile after March 24, you won’t be able to add it again, so make sure not to delete the tile if you want to preserve access.

It’s business as usual for most

For the vast majority of our readers, Facebook’s decision won’t change anything about the way you use Flipboard. If you log into Flipboard using your Facebook account, you can continue to do so. This is completely separate from seeing your Facebook News Feed on Flipboard. You will also still be able to create a new Flipboard account with your Facebook credentials after March 24. Sharing things you find on Flipboard to Facebook will also continue to be possible.

Any public content from Facebook that you added to your magazines will not impacted by this change either. The photos and updates that are in magazines curated by our readers come from public Facebook pages and those will remain available after March 24. You can therefore continue to flip items from Facebook into your magazines after that date.

For more about Flipboard and Facebook, please see our FAQ.

~The Flipboard Team

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