@BlackBerryClubs: BlackBerry PRIV即日起可在官方網店預購(11月6日發貨)

BlackBerry 官方網店ShopBlackBerry 更新了 BlackBerry PRIV 的預購詳請,無鎖版售價分別為USD$699美元或CAD$899加幣(換算約HKD$5420港幣,RMB$4440人民幣,TWD$22640台幣)。即日起可在官方網店ShopBlackBerry預購,預計出貨日期11月6日……

至於BlackBerry PRIV 香港行貨的話,估計SRP大約為HKD$6388-6488港幣,11月中開賣吧。更多BlackBerry 的消息請留意我們黑莓會的後續報導吧……

BlackBerry Priv 結合了 BlackBerry 手機安全性和生產力,以 Android OS 平台上再加上 BES 12 的支持及互相結合,新的設備將提供 Android OS 最佳的安全性,目標客戶為企業客戶。

BlackBerry 仍保證致力於 BlackBerry 10 操作系統,將繼續發展和加強BlackBerry 10操作系統,並確認了 BlackBerry OS 10.3.3 已計劃在2016年三月推出,增強於安全性和保密性平台的更新。

BlackBerry 官方網店ShopBlackBerry:

BlackBerry PRIV 的規格:

BlackBerry secure smartphone, powered by Android.

PRIV™ combines everything you expect from BlackBerry plus the full eco-system of Android and its apps. PRIV comes with added security to let you know when your data could be at risk, so you can take action to improve it. PRIV features:

  • Elegant slim design with slide out physical keyboard
  • 5.4-inch dual-curved screen
  • 3410 mAh battery. Battery Life: up to 22.5 hours*
  • 18 MP dual-flash Schneider-Kreuznach® certified camera
  • DTEK™ by BlackBerry®
  • Memory: 32GB Flash
  • Hot-swappable MicroSD slot (up to 2TB)

Source: BlackBerry


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